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The L CoLab New Plan Workshop

  • 29 Norman Avenue Brooklyn, NY 10011 (map)

We would like to invite you to participate at The L CoLab New Plan Workshop on February 19th, 2019 hosted by URBAN-X and Forum for the Future to address the changes and opportunities of the new L train plan, as part of the L-Train Colab project.


While we have a new suggested plan, evaluation is happening and disruption for New Yorkers with the L train remains. The final solution will be different, bringing new implications on how we move forward. We invite you to join us to understand what are those. Together we want to explore what has changed and what varied response should be implemented. And, how can we address the material reality of the impacts the Canarsie Tunnel repairs will have on New York City residents and cultivate this opportunity to create a more sustainable approach to mobility?


From 2-5PM, we will facilitate a led by Rodrigo Bautista and Greg Lindsay, will bring together 25+ leading people in transportation, entrepreneurship, ad public sector actors to rethink how to bring sustainable solutions to New York City. We would also like to how new solutions around mobility can catalyze new behaviors that promote social well-being, reduce air pollution, congestion and CO2 emissions. We will use as a starting point the opportunity areas below for the discussion and exploration.